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Behold The Fried Chicken & Beer Burger at Philly's PYT

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Photo: PYT/Facebook

The professional stunt-burger makers at PYT in Philadelphia are at it again. This time they've dreamt up (or hallucinated?) The Fried Chicken & Beer Burger, which sounds innocent enough until closer inspection reveals that the burger — which is actually a chicken sandwich — is literally exploding with PBR.

This new Frankensandwich, which was revealed earlier in the week via PYT's Facebook page, consists of a Southern-fried chicken patty slathered with pimento cheese and stacked with lettuce, tomato, pickled green tomatoes and the piece de resistance, a crunchy fried wonton that is magically (?) filled with PBR. "The beer kind of explodes out in the best way," says PYT. The sandwich is currently available for a limited time only, so anyone who enjoys hot beer should probably head over post-haste. (Previous PYT innovations have included the deep-fried Twinkie burger, the spaghetti burger and a burger with deep-fried lasagna slabs standing in for the bun.)

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1050 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia, PA 19123