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Arby's Is Testing New Grilled 'Artisan Melts' in Indiana

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Photo via Brand Eating

Yet another fast food chain is doing their best to bastardize the term 'artisan': Proud owner of Pharrell's infamous Grammy hat Arby's — which likes to refer to itself as "the new fashioned sandwich shop"— is testing a new line of grilled sandwiches called Artisan Melts, says Brand Eating. The new sandwiches are available in Reuben, Steak & Garlic Toast, Turkey Avocado & Bacon, and Steak & Portabella varieties and, at least in the publicity photo, sport exactly the sort of freakishly uniform grilling marks one would expect from a fast food giant.

Sadly, said sandwiches are currently only available at Arby's locations in Evansville, Indiana. Arby's tells Brand Eating, "This is simply a test of new operational processes and equipment. We have no additional test markets or product updates to share at this time." In the meantime, there's always the artisanal pastries at Starbucks or hey how about Domino's artisan pizza?

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