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The Six Must-Watch Food Videos of The Week

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Here are a half-dozen must-watch videos from this week in food. This week there was a chef-turned-rapper, a tiny, hungry rodent that took the internet by storm, a triumphant victory speech four years in the making, a 24-course tasting menu blitz and a couple cinematic masterpieces from Norway and Spain. Go, watch:

6) Fuck, That's Delicious
Did you know that before he got into the rap game, Action Bronson was a professional chef? Yep. Here's the trailer for Fuck, That's Delicious, his upcoming monthly series on Vice's food site Munchies. Watch as he chows down on heroes, freestyles about barbecue and assembles an obscenely large ice cream sundae, proclaiming, "All I believe in is food and myself," all set to a hip-hop soundtrack (naturally).

5) Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos
Why is this dude carefully preparing Barbie-sized burritos and setting up tiny white tablecloth-covered tables made from crayon boxes? Why, to give his fat-cheeked hamster an elevated dining experience, of course — or maybe just to delight the internet at large, which, based on the 5 million-plus views this video has garnered since it was posted earlier this week, he has clearly accomplished.

4) 60 Second Tasting Menu: Atera
In the latest edition of Eater NY's recurring video feature, the stunning 24-course Spring tasting menu at Atera is accompanied by an appropriately classy instrumental. Yes, this is what $195 of caviar, uni, geoduck and lobster looks like.

3) René Redzepi's Victory Speech
On Monday Copenhagen's Noma recaptured the title of the number one World's Best Restaurant, and chef René Redzepi seized the opportunity to deliver a speech he'd apparently been saving since 2010. Watch as Redzepi harkens back to the early days of Noma, when "they were the geeks in a class of fine linens and expensive wine," and then declares how in the end, "sorrel conquered caviar" and "the seal fucker came out on top."

2) El Somni (The Dream)
Here's the very artsy — and at times, downright trippy — trailer for El Somni, the film from the brothers behind world-famous Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca that hits theatres May 9. As previously reported, the brothers Roca collaborated with artist/designer Franc Aleu to create a "culinary opera" that aims to "make the diner feel like they are on stage, not in the audience."

1) Maaemo - Chapter 1
Finally, here's a very cinematic look at the inner works of Maaemo, a two Michelin-star restaurant in Oslo, Norway. It features striking Norwegian landscapes, forest foraging, slabs of meat grilling over a roaring fire, cooks meticulously plating with tweezers, dishes bubbling over with dry ice and an epic original score by Sigurd Wongraven of the Norwegian black metal band Satyricon that makes even the serene dining room scenes look totally badass.

MAAEMO – Chapter I. from Maaemo on Vimeo.

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