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Gordon Ramsay Accuses Ex-Fat Cow Partner of 'Fraudulent Scheme to Freeload'

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Photos: Elizabeth Daniels / Facebook

Who's ready for yet another round of Gordon Ramsay legal woes? The shouty chef has filed papers to dissolve two US companies he owned with former partner Rowen Seibel: The Fat Cow, LLC (based in California) and FCLA, LP (based in Delaware). Legal documents (embedded below) accuse Seibel of a "fraudulent scheme to freeload upon the renown and acumen" of Ramsay, being "egregiously inept in [restaurant] management," mis-paying employees (which resulted in fines and a class action lawsuit), and withdrawing funds from business accounts, at one point taking as much as $10,000. Thanks to all of this, Ramsay alleges, Seibel's "fraud, misconduct, and derelictions, brought the The Fat Cow restaurant crashing down."

This request comes after a $10 million lawsuit Seibel filed in April, in which he alleged that Ramsay had "deliberately mishandled a trademark problem" for The Fat Cow and secretly negotiated to open a new restaurant in that space. Seibel was also partner with Ramsay on several projects in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which are now stalled.

The complaint also alleges that Seibel did not pay employees properly, and that because of those actions a class action lawsuit was filed against the restaurant last year. In the suit, the workers claimed that The Fat Cow failed to pay them minimum wage, did not pay them overtime, and forced them to skip meals and breaks.

The restaurant was also sued by a contractor in April of 2013 for over $45,000 in unpaid bills. Ramsay closed The Fat Cow earlier this year and, while a new restaurant in the same space was rumored, the paperwork below calls that "nonsense."

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