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A Gun Range in Oklahoma Got a Liquor License

Photo: WilshireGun/Twitter

In what is probably a bad idea, a gun range in Oklahoma City has received approval to serve alcohol on site. According to KOKH-TV, Wilshire Gun Range has received a liquor license from the city council after they voted 6-3 to approve the license on Tuesday. Co-owner Jeff Swanson notes that his range is the first in Oklahoma to get approval and that he wanted to build a facility "where you could go in, shoot, enjoy the retail area and then go to the café." The range, which is slated to open this Spring, plans to serve alcohol alongside food in its café.

Swason says that to ensure safety, people must "shoot first and then drink." According to the AP, customers' driver's licenses will be scanned when they order a drink and they will be "red-flagged" so that they are not allowed to enter the shooting facilities either as a a spectator and "certainly not as a shooter." Swanson tells KOKH-TV that cameras will be used to monitor customs and that employees will be trained in "field sobriety." He adds, "Any misconceptions or joking aside, beer and bullets, guns and alcohol, they do not mix," even though he's opening a facility where both will be readily available.

While this will be the first in the state of Oklahoma, a spokesperson for the range claims gun ranges in other states like California and Texas have successfully offered liquor. The AP notes that in 2012, an alcohol permit was approved for a shooting range in Powder Springs, Georgia and that a range in Deadwood, South Dakota, which is slated to open next month, will also serve booze. There was even a LivingSocial deal in Philadelphia that combined shooting semi-automatic weapons at a range followed by a tequila tasting at a near by restaurant. Drinkers just might want to be careful where they decide to yell "Shots!" Go, watch the local news story:

Video: Beer & Bullets

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Wilshire Gun Range

615 W. Wilshire Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma