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A Ratatouille World Is Opening at Disneyland Paris

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Not only is Disneyland Paris building a Ratatouille-themed ride, they are also building a brand new world inspired by the movie. According to the press release, the Ratatouille-themed world La Place de Rémy will open on July 10. La Place de Rémy will have three main components: the ride, a sit-down restaurant called Bistrot Chez Rémy, and a streetscape reminiscent of Paris (which is sort of meta).

As previously reported, Ratatouille: The Adventure is what's sometimes called a "dark ride," where riders will take a guided vehicle through a fully enclosed space and look at things. The vehicle in this case will be a "ratmobile" (which will run without a rail using new technology) and the ride will chronicle a chase between Remy and Chef Skinner in the Gusteau kitchen. Per the release: "Being rats in a human world is fraught with danger, so Rémy and his new friends in the ratmobiles quickly move out of sight before Chef Skinner spots them. Rémy leads the way as all of the rats move from one hiding place to another. Luckily, Rémy's human pal Linguini is there to help."

Bistrot Chez Rémy will be a 370-seat restaurant where guests will find themselves in "an oversized world in which they are shrunk to the size of rats and where jam jar lids serve as table tops and champagne corks are turned into chairs." This is "Rémy's restaurant" and so the menu of course includes ratatouille. There's other French-ish food things too like entrecote steak, fries, vegetable and fruit salads, and French cheeses. Waiters will wear costumes reminiscent of what the front of house staff wore in the movie. Based on the rendering, it looks like there will be people in rat costumes walking around which seems like maybe a bad idea in a restaurant. There's no word yet on pricing.

La Place de Rémy is a "Disneyland tribute to Paris" complete with a fountain. There are two main streets in this area: a Allée des Marchands and Rue Auguste Gusteau. Along with a souvenir shop coming in the Fall, there will be " located near the Bistrot Chez Rémy.

Check out more photos below, and for more details on the restaurant, world, and ride, have a look at this video from DLP Welcome of senior creative executive Tom Fitzgerald presenting at the Euro Disney S.C.A. Annual General Meeting in February and an official trailer.

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