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'Soul Food' Mac and Cheese Burrito Sells Out in 30 Min.

Photo: alealex/Instagram, Papalote415/Instagram

When it comes to food mashups and long lines, people just can't seem to get enough: The latest novelty food craze, a mac and cheese stuffed burrito better known as a "Soulrrito," managed to sell out in just 30 minutes this past weekend. According to Eater SF, an incredibly lengthy line stretched out the door of Papalote in San Francisco for the soul food/Mexican mash up. The burritos were available for one day only starting 11 a.m. and they were completely gone by 11:30 a.m. forcing the restaurant to put up a sign saying "The #Soulrrito Is Sold Out."

As previously noted, the burrito features a large flour tortilla filled with collard greens, tri-tip, yams, and mac and cheese. Those who did not get a burrito will have another chance this coming weekend: Papalote will serve up the "Soulrrito 2" which will replace the tri-tip for fried chicken. And because San Francisco, it will also offer a vegetarian version of the burrito featuring a soy chorizo. Also, starting June 9, Pam Warren, a co-creator of the Soulrrito, will offer the carbo-loaded novelty burrito full-time at her Piccadilly Catering Express location in San Francisco. Hopefully there won't be Cronut-esque lines.

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