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Pizza Hut's 'Millennial-Friendly' Menu Features Garlic Sauce and Barbecue

Photo: Pizza Hut/Facebook

Olive Garden isn't the only chain looking to attract those ever-discerning millennials: Ad Age reports that Pizza Hut is looking to class up its own menu, with chief marketing officer Carrie Walsh telling the publication that it's looking to shift away from overly cheesy stunt pizzas to "food perceived as higher quality and more gourmet." According to a Facebook campaign, that translates to a newish white Garlic Parmesan sauce (featuring toppings like roasted vegetable and chicken bacon tomato); and boxes touting the hand-tossed pizzas' "lighter, airier crust."

The push to lure in younger diners also includes a line-up of barbecue pizzas endorsed by country singer/that-guy-from-that-show-your-parents-like Blake Shelton (his line of three pizzas includes flavors like "Blake's Smokehouse BBQ"). Pizza Hut has been chasing millennials since earlier this year, when it announced its hand-tossed line of pizzas would contain "imperfections" that made them look more artisanal. Presumably, this means Pizza Hut's overseas stunt creations like salmon roe- and Marmite-stuffed crusts aren't coming stateside anytime soon.

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