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Underground Boozy Slushies Under Investigation in NYC

Photo: Phrosties/Instagram

Phrosties — a colorful, sugary, and very boozy slushy sold and delivered via Instagram in New York City — is being investigated by the State Liquor Authority. According to the New York Post, the SLA is looking into Phrosties because it is unregistered, unlicensed, and "potentially dangerous." CBS notes that politicians are also calling for a crack down: Senator Charles Schumer is worried about kids ordering the alcoholic drink because Phrosties does not check IDs.

According to CBS, authorities are also concerned about the amount of alcohol in Phrosties, which is currently unknown. The slushies do not come with a list of ingredients. New York Magazine's critic Adam Platt notes that the drink is pretty potent and is probably made from "pure sugar and grain alcohol. It tastes like Kool-Aid-meets-Red Bull, mixed with 150-proof Everclear."

To order the drink, which comes in flavors like Irish Bomb and Tsunami Sunrise, customers must follow Phrosties' private Instagram page. Once they are approved, they can find directions on how to text to order the $10 drink. The Instagram account claimed the drinks are delivered 24 hours a day. According to the Daily Dot, the account reached 16,000 followers at one point but was briefly deleted yesterday. It looks like the account is back online now, however, though it is no longer private and currently has around 445 followers. These slushies may be unregulated and unlicensed but at least they don't come with hipster mustache straws.

Earlier this year, Schumer also asked for the FDA to block powdered alcohol from hitting store shelves and back in 2010 he proposed a ban on boozy energy drink Four Loko for similar fears of underage binge drinking.

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