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Another Bar Makes Terrible Domestic Violence Joke

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Photo: Courtney Williams/Facebook

It's the unfunny joke that never seems to go away: Yet another bar has posted a joke that reads: "I like my beer like I like my violence: Domestic." Eater Dallas notes that Scruffy Duffies in Plano, Texas posted the horrific analogy on its chalkboard menu this past weekend. Patron Courtney Williams discovered the sign when she went to the bar with friends Saturday night. Williams writes in a Facebook post that she had to ask multiple managers to take down the "joke" — which was apparently written by a female bartender — before it was eventually removed.

Williams adds that she faced serious condescension from one of the managers ("he told me to calm down, and that if I hadn't been so 'aggressive' the conversation would go better") and was eventually denied admittance when she tried to re-enter the bar to give friends a hug before leaving.

According to a post on Scruffy Duffies' Facebook page, the bar claims that it is "investigating the situation" and that the joke was posted "without the owner's approval." (In a now-deleted post, it appears one of the owners solicited support from fans on Facebook, writing, "If you come across this on the Internet, I would appreciate you having our back.") The sheer number of institutions that have posted the tasteless "joke" is saddening: A bar in Austin, a bistro in Houston, and bars in Philadelphia and Montreal have all posted iterations of the analogy.

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