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Worst Food Cliche Headlines for Reviews of Chef, Ranked

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Photo: Chef The Film/Facebook

Actor/director Jon Favreau's new film Chefabout a chef who leaves the fine dining world to start a food truck (see Eater's review) — hits even more theaters across America today. Movie reviewers were uh, hungry, to stuff headlines full of as many food puns as possible. Here now, the worst cliche saturated headlines for reviews of Chef:

26) Jon Favreau cooks up some culinary fun [Plain Dealer]
25) Favreau's Charming 'Chef' Stirs Appetite [AP]
24) Jon Favreau Prepares a Film Feast in 'Chef' [Philly2Philly]
23) Film Delivers on Food, but too much Hollywood Flavour [The Age]
22) Favreau cooks up a winning film seasoned with culinary high jinks [DG]
21); 'Chef' will Satisfy Film-Goers' Hunger [Wichita Eagle]
20) Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Has All the Ingredients for a Hit [LA Times]
19) Favreau's 'Chef' Cooked to Perfection [Times Union]
18) Jon Favreau Serves Up an Appetizing Treat in 'Chef' [NYP]
17) 'Chef': an appetizing yet rote tale of love and food trucks [ST]
16) 'Chef' is a First-Class Meal [Houston Chronicle]
15) Favreau Whips Up a Tasty Comedy in 'Chef' [Salt Lake Tribune]
14) With Chef, Jon Favreau Whips Up Indie Comfort Food [VV]
13) Favreau's 'Chef' is Both Flavorful and Fresh [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
12) 'Chef' Serves Up Comfort Food about Family, Second Chances — and Food [MJS]
11) Favreau mixes all the right ingredients in "Chef" [La Prensa]
10) Favreau cooks up a tasty, sweet-natured delight in 'Chef' [NT]
9) Movie Review: Chef Is Sweet but Not Super-Meaty [Houston Press]
8) Favreau's 'Chef' cooks tasty, but not adventurous, repast [DMR]
7) Help Yourself to 'Chef' and Get Seconds [Just Press Play]
6) 'Chef' a Lip-Smacking Morsel [News & Observer]
5) Filmmaker Jon Favreau goes more organic with indie 'Chef' [Sac Bee]
4) Jon Favreau Cooks Up a Tasty Antidote to the Heartburn of 'Iron Man 2' [TO]
3) Chef Whets Creative Juices [Yahoo! Aus]
2) Jon Favreau Cooks Up a Foodie's Delight [Times-Picayune]
1) 'Chef' is comfort food for the heart [The Republic]

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