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Glassholes Pan NYC Restaurant for Asking Diner to Remove Google Glass

A group of Google Glass aficionados have swarmed the Google page of one East Village restaurant, leaving one-star reviews after a fellow Glasshole was asked to remove her fancy eyewear. EV Grieve reports that 12 users have left one-star customer service reviews for Feast in direct response to an April incident described by Glass-wearer Katy Kasmai, who wrote the restaurant requested the Glass removal because "customers have complained of privacy concerns in the past." Fellow fans have left comments describing restaurant owners as "ignorant bigots and hateful" and "troglodytes with poor attitudes," pulling the restaurant's overall rating down to 3.1 stars.

Feast's manager tells EV Grieve: "It's malicious and technically a violation of Google's own terms for leaving reviews... I can understand her leaving the one-star based on her experience, but 12 others with no experience on who we are or what we do is unfair." As Eater NY points out, the original reviewer has reached out to restaurant management via Twitter, and it looks like a meeting "to show you how GoogleGlass works" may be forthcoming.

The Feast owner notes that the incident has not inspired him to institute an outright ban, as some San Francisco bars did in response to a now-infamous brawl over the elite eyewear.

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