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Thousands Possibly Exposed to Hep A at a Red Robin

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Here's a major public health emergency: According to CNN as many as 5,000 people may be at risk for hepatitis A after dining at a Red Robin in Springfield, Missouri. An employee at the location of the burger chain tested positive for the highly contagious virus which is "usually transmitted via contaminated food or water, or by someone who's infected." KY3 notes that the Spingfield-Greene County Health Department recommends that anyone who at the restaurant between May 8-16 get vaccinated.

Thousands more could have also been exposed to the virus because the infected employee worked at the Red Robin in question for several months. The restaurant is still open and Red Robin notes that all employees at the location have been vaccinated. The health department found that the restaurant was safe after an inspection. Just earlier this month, USA Today notes, another Red Robin employee from Stroudsburg, Pa was also diagnosed with hepatitis A though the diagnosis was not deemed a "risk to the public." Between this and 1.8 million pounds of E. coli tainted beef being recalled, it sounds like it might be a good time to go off of burgers for a while.

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