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Starbucks Is Selling Croissant Bun Burgers at La Boulange

Photo: Courtesy of La Boulange

In an era where diners can get burgers with buns made from ramen, deep-fried pizza, and deep-fried twinkies, a burger with croissants for buns seems pretty tame. Starbucks is getting into the novelty burger game and will soon offer burgers served on croissant buns at a location of La Boulange, the bakery chain it acquired in 2012. The buns eschew the traditional croissant shape in favor of being round like a typical bun.

A rep for La Boulange tells Eater that the croissant bun burgers will be available at an upcoming Los Angeles location of the bakery (which is apparently more like a cafe/restaurant than other La Boulange locations) that is opening next month. The LA Times notes that this location will feature a build your own burger option where customers can use the croissant bun "to sandwich any burger." As of now, the burgers will not be available nationwide. It looks like, however, that an iteration of the croissant buns are already being used as part of a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks across the country.

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La Boulange

359 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, California 90036