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Watch the Trailer for America's First Foodie, a Documentary About James Beard

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Here's a trailer for America's First Foodie a documentary about the life of chef and cookbook author James Beard directed by Beth Federici. It features old images and television clips of Beard interspersed with interviews with a range of food world insiders who share memories and discusses his influence on the present day food scene. Writer Gael Greene calls Beard "one of the founding fathers of eating well" while Alice Waters believes he "championed American cooking."

The film's website notes that the documentary also features interviews with prominent chefs like Jacques Pepin, Jonathan Waxman, and Jeremiah Tower. As for the title of the film, here's Frodnesor take, "Ugh. The life and legacy of James Beard reduced to the infantalizing & idiotic 'foodie.'" The website notes that the film is "currently in production" and there is no release date yet. Go, watch:

Video: America's First Foodie

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