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Sorry, Stroller-Pushers: Brooklyn Bar Bans Children

Photo: Nate F./Foursquare

Popular Brooklyn bar The Hot Bird recently instituted a ban on all children because "too many people" started bringing their kids to the neighborhood beer bar (and its sprawling outdoor patio): The New York Post reports that after a "Children Are Not Allowed" sign went up at the bar earlier this week, some parents have taken their passive-aggressive outrage to the internet, with one reporting that she and her 15-month-old son were asked to leave twice (apparently, they "weren't leaving fast enough" after the first request).

Other bar patrons were less sympathetic: One 27-year-old woman hilariously told the Post that "kids shouldn't be running around where people are trying to drink and hook up" anyhow. It's not the first place to outrightly ban children in the ongoing culture war between parents and restaurateurs: Last summer, a Houston restaurant caused a major debate after deciding to ban kids after 7p.m.; other restaurants have created controversy by shaming misbehaving children on social media. For now, millennials can go ahead and hook up at the Hot Bird, uninterrupted by toddlers.

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The Hot Bird

825 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238