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Thousands of McDonald's Workers Protest Low Wages at Illinois Headquarters

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Thousands of McDonald's workers staged a protest near McDonald's corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois today. According to Bloomberg, about 2,000 protesters showed up to demand a "livable wage" of $15 dollars an hour and for the right to unionize. McDonald's closed the building that was supposed to be original site of the protest and sent an email encouraging headquarter employees to work from home because of "traffic concerns." Activists then moved the protests to a nearby location on the McDonald's campus.

The Huffington Post notes that 100 protestors were arrested at the event, including a rabbi who joined the activists. According to the Chicago Tribune, the police issued a statement saying that the arrests were made for "criminal trespass to property" and that the protest was peaceful overall. This protest comes fresh off of the heels of a protest on May 15 where fast-food workers in 150 cities across the globe walked off the job as part of the industry's ongoing protests for higher wages.

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