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Watch Mesamérica's Look at Mexican Street Food

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Here's a video from Day One of Mesamérica 2014 that reveals the diversity of Mexico's street food vendors. The video, part of yesterday's lecture about street food and culture (full recap here), captures the street food scene from early-morning rush hour (starting at 5:30a.m.) to the late-night crowds lining up for tacos al pastor (the video tour wraps up at 2:13a.m.).

In between, there's a day's worth of tortas, tamales, tlacoyos, and more, plus a vibrant look at the traffic and big-city bustle that surrounds the plates of food: As writer Juan Villoro noted during yesterday's panel, "People in Mexico don't eat whenever they get hungry, but whenever they have a chance because of the traffic." Go, watch:


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