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Cocktail-Making Robot Promises to Pour 'Perfect Drinks'

Photo: Barobot/Facebook

The robot mixologist is the most common of all the service industry robots, but here's the latest version, courtesy developers in the U.K.: The open-source Barobot is an automated cocktail mixer that can hold up to 12 bottles of liquor at one time, suspending them over a mobile glass platform where the drinker sets his glass. After selecting a cocktail from Barobot's recipe database, 14 microprocessors in the device trigger motors that move the glass around while sensors dispense the correct liquid amounts for each drink.

The robot obviously doesn't physically shake or stir the contents once poured, but according to designers, "because liquors pour into glass from some height they mix well together without the need for additional shaking."

Extra bonus points for lazy party-goers: Developers are looking to add a "Sofa Server" application, which allows the device to link with tablets and smartphones via wifi, meaning you won't actually have to leave your seat to order a drink. A Kickstarter campaign has a £90,000 goal to get the Sofa Server off the ground; watch the robot in action via this Kickstarter video:

Video: Barobot: A Cocktail Mixing Robot

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