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Bourdain Plans a Jiro Prequel, a Jeremiah Tower Doc, AND a Shep Gordon Memoir

Anthony Bourdain has three huge new projects in the works: In an interview with Andrew Friedman, Bourdain reveals that he's working on a prequel to his graphic novel Get Jiro!, a film about legendary San Francisco chef Jeremiah Tower, and is publishing a memoir by Shep Gordon.

Get Jiro! was released in 2012 and centered on a "not-too-distant future L.A." where master chefs rule the town similar to crime lords. The prequel to Get Jiro! will feature a younger version of the title character, Jiro. While Bourdain calls Langdon Foss, the artist who worked on Get Jiro!, "amazing" he's going to be working with a different team: "I'm looking to do something kooky and very different. Different book, different look." No word yet on when the prequel will be released.

Bourdain also confirms that he is working on an "independent film on the life and importance of Jeremiah Tower" with Zero Point Zero productions. On why he wanted to make a film about Tower: "He was the guy who transformed American menus from what they were to what they are now.  He's a hugely compelling personality, a dangerous man.  He's the history of everything." Bourdain adds, "I just don't think he's been acknowledged.  I don't think he's received his due." When completed, Bourdain says the film will hit the festival circuit and will "have a limited theatrical released, followed by CNN."

He notes in the interview with Andrew Friedman that he is also publishing a memoir by Shep Gordon on his Ecco imprint. Gordon is the famed Hollywood manager many consider responsible for the creation of the celebrity chef and the subject of the upcoming documentary Supermensch.

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