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Watch Clips From Parts Unknown Mexico, Airing May 4

Here's a series of preview clips from the upcoming Mexico episode of Anthony Bourdain's show Parts Unknown. In the episode, Bourdain and his crew head south of the border where he learns to make authentic Zapoteca cuisine on the outskirts of Oaxaca and discovers "some of the most exciting new cooking anywhere on Earth" at restaurants like Maximo in Mexico City (where he pronounces a dish of abalone with brown butter and chiles "very delicious, very Mexican, very French"). Bourdain also visits a secret location to meet a journalist who aims to expose government corruption in the ongoing war on drugs, and drinks plenty of mezcal.

The Mexico episode airs Sunday, May 4 on CNN. Go, watch:

Video: Parts Unknown Mexico sneak peek

Video: Maximo mixes French and Mexican cuisine

Video: Meet the biggest appetite in Mexico

Video: Classic Zapotec meal on Oaxaca outskirts

Video: Journalist: 'I already lost everything'

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