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Behold the Crazy Line for Nutella Cronut Holes in NYC

Photo: Nick Solares/Eater NY

The Nutella Cronut Hole madness has already begun and as previously predicted, people started to line up pretty early. Cronut creator Dominique Ansel and the team behind Nutella are handing out the line-inducing novelty item for free from 10am-2pm today in New York City in celebration of the chocolate hazelnut spread's 50th anniversary. Eater NY has a look at the line which is happening in the pedestrian plaza outside of Eataly, the Italian grocery store and home of the recently opened Nutella Bar. The queue of Cronut hole hopefuls is already 200 people deep and Ansel apparently only has 2,000 to give away.

Head over to Eater NY for a look at the line. >>>