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There Are Nine Kinds of Pork on This 'Pig Salad Burger'

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Photo: @hotdinners/Twitter

A London-based burger stand is going whole hog entirely on one menu item: Behold Psychic Burger's limited-edition "Pig Salad Burger," featuring a ground pork, chorizo, and blood sausage patty topped with (deep breath) crispy pig's ears, confit pork belly, smoked bacon, chorizo aioli, plus cheese and lettuce (the latter apparently fulfills the name's "salad" requirement). The burger also includes crubeen, aka pig trotter, bramley apple jelly, and a pig's tail crackling that functions like the toothpick in a club sandwich.

According to its Facebook page, Psychic Burger will serve just 15 all-pig burgers per day. It's not the restaurant's first foray into pig-specific stunt dishes, however: A former iteration of Psychic Burger featured pork skin popcorn as a side dish.

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Psychic Burger

44 Essex Road London N1 8LN