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Daniel Patterson Revamping Plum, Two New SF Restaurants Forthcoming

Plum, Oakland.
Plum, Oakland.
Photo: Chang/Eater SF

Daniel Patterson is making some major shake-ups within his Bay Area restaurant group, announcing today that he'll soon re-launch the Oakland restaurant Plum and plans to open two more San Francisco restaurants in the near future. Inside Scoop SF reports Patterson's three-and-a-half year old Plum, which has featured Kim Alter in the kitchen since fall 2013, will re-open on Tuesday as the "California-bred, Japanese-influenced restaurant" Ume. According to Eater SF, the Ume concept will be launched by chef Brett Cooper, an alum of the Daniel Patterson Group who earned major accolades as chef of Ocean Beach's Outerlands.

Although Cooper will get the Ume concept off the ground, Patterson has other plans for him in mind: Mainly, Cooper's own as-yet-unnamed San Francisco restaurant, which will be launched under the Daniel Patterson Group umbrella. According to ISSF, "Cooper will have final say on everything there, from food to plateware. Meanwhile, the DPG will provide the infrastructure, the support, the funding." The displaced Alter (who was the opening chef at Patterson's Oakland restaurant Haven) will also benefit from the shuffle: "the plan is to get her a San Francisco restaurant to call her own as well."

In December 2013, Alter talked with Eater about the strong mentorship culture within the DPG, saying: "I find a lot of positives working with Daniel because he has given me a platform to do what I want to do... He gives me opportunities that I probably wouldn't have if I didn't work with him." The Daniel Patterson Group currently operates five restaurants in the Bay Area, and details are scarce regarding Cooper and Alter's upcoming concepts. Plum will serve two final dinner services before re-opening as Ume on Tuesday.

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