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Seattle Company Plans to Unleash a Fleet of Marijuana Food Trucks

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Photo: MagicalButter/Facebook

In a world now saturated with food trucks serving everything from computer generated recipes to novelty hamburgers here's a first of its kind: A truck that only sells weed-infused eats. According to NPR, Seattle-based company MagicalButter debuted the Samich truck, which specializes in edibles, at Denver's Cannabis Cup. The truck even has a "flying, smiling stick of green butter" as a mascot.

According to Fox News, Samich isn't just a play on "sandwich" but actually stands for "Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness." The truck's menu at the Cannabis Cub featured items beyond the typical weed-infused brownies. There were dishes like the Bronco (BBQ pulled pork sandwich), Bin Mi (sic, Vietnamese style pork sandwich), tomato soup, and grilled cheese, all of which contained butter, oil, or cheese laced with THC. That's one way to save the possibly dying food truck economy.

MagicalButter, according to its website, is a company that creates "botanical extractors" that make it simpler to infuse things like oil and butter with cannabis. So it only makes sense that they would be behind the truck. MagicalButter's CEO Garyn Angel tells NPR that the truck "gives a good platform to educate people about how to eat with cannabis." For now, the truck has headed back to Seattle, where there is another (weed-free) food truck called The Sammich Truck, and where weed hasn't been legalized quite yet. The company has plans to develop "a fleet" to take the infused eats to other cities. A company spokesperson also reveals that MagicalButter is "planning to back" a brick and mortar restaurant in Seattle that serves weed-spiked eats, eventually.

In Colorado, where weed has been legalized since January 1, enterprising folks have already started to find innovative ways to combine food and weed. A restaurant introduced weed-and-sushi pairing menus and a company has announced plans for a weed-centric "bud and breakfast" in Denver.

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