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Couple: McDonald's Burger Came Topped with Weed

Fast food freebies are great, except for when they could pose a possible health hazard: A couple in Iowa is claiming that the hamburger they ordered from a local McDonald's drive-thru came with topped with marijuana. According to KCCI, the man bought the burger in question for his hungry pregnant fiancé.

The Ottumwa Evening Post writes that Brittany Songer's fiancé Cory Long brought her a McDouble at work, and when she bit into the burger it had a foul taste. Songer tells the paper, "I thought maybe it was because [Long] had cologne on his hands," but then she opened the burger and the "cheese was just covered with weed." Apparently the smell was so strong that one of Songer's co-workers requested that she put the McDouble in a plastic bag "to help contain the odor."

Lt. Jason Bell of the Ottumwa Police Department tells KCCI, "I really haven't had a lot of investigations where I've focused so much on cheeseburgers." Local police apparently found "drug paraphernalia" on a McDonald's employee but did not charge anyone.

The police department is waiting on lab results, but if there was indeed weed on the burger, it's a good thing Songer didn't finish it. A woman in Georgia was sent to the hospital for "food poisoning" symptoms after eating a Wendy's cheeseburger that contained a half-smoked joint. Go, watch the local news story:

Video: Couple Claims McDonald's Burger Topped with Marijuana

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