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Modernist Cuisine Announces New Cookbook on Bread

Photo: Chris Hoover / Modernist Cuisine LLC

Big news from the team behind Modernist Cuisine: Nathan Myhrvold and company exclusively tell Eater that they've begun a new project, and this one will be a multivolume book focused on bread. This is an as-yet untitled project, and they have not announced a publication date. The exciting news is that the team is embarking on a new research cycle with the ultimate goal of "[adding] to existing knowledge so that home, restaurant, and professional bakers alike can learn new techniques and recipes."

According to a press release, Myhrvold has brought on some new hires to help out: First, former Culinary Institute of America instructor Francisco Migoya, who has authored several CIA textbooks and used to be Executive Pastry Chef at the French Laundry. Migoya will "oversee research, recipe development, and the culinary team." Second is cookbook author Peter Reinhart, who has been brought on as a bread expert. Reinhart has written nine books and won a whopping four James Beard Awards for his work on bread.

Unlike the most recent Modernist Cuisine books — Modernist Cuisine at Home and The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, which were based on the research for the original five volume Modernist Cuisine — the bread book will be based on a new round of research. The press release says they're hoping it will be a "collaborative effort with contributions from expert bakers" and as such they are "meeting with scientists, bakers, millers, and farmers who have invaluable expertise and knowledge about bread." Interested in helping out? You can email the team at

[Photo: Chris Hoover / Modernist Cuisine LLC]

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