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Watch the Trailer for The Hundred-Foot Journey Starring Helen Mirren

Here now the food-porn heavy trailer for the upcoming film The Hundred-Foot Journey. It's based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Richard C. Morais and is produced by media honcho Oprah Winfrey and famed director Steven Spielberg. The film centers around an Indian family — the son and father played respectively by actors Manish Dayal (90210) and seasoned Bollywood star Om Puri — that moves to a small village in the South of France. The family decides to open an "authentic" Indian restaurant called Maison Mumbai. Trouble ensues, however, when they choose to open 100 feet (hence the name) across the street from a Michelin-starred establishment that is run by an "iron-willed chef" played by actress Helen Mirren. Cultures clash comically and a forbidden romance occurs.

The trailer also features a seemingly endless stream of incredible food porn from platters of Indian sweets to an omelette made in slow-motion. Similar to Jon Favreau in his new film Chef, Yahoo! Food notes the actors went through a "considerable amount" of training in the kitchen before they started shooting. One of the film's producers, Juliet Blake, also consulted with Indian-born NYC chef Floyd Cardoz on the food featured in the film like the Beef Bourguignon, a classic French dish that Dayal's character gives a fusion makeover. It opens in theaters August 8. Go, watch:

Video: The Hundred-Food Journey Trailer

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