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BK Malaysia's Godzilla-Themed Burger Has Nachos On It

Here's a Hollywood film tie-in that's maybe lost in translation: As a promotion for the upcoming Godzilla movie, Burger King Malaysia is unleashing a line of "Raksasa" (translation: "Monster") burgers and wraps topped with tortilla chips and barbecue sauce (or, as its promotional copy refers to the combination, "nachos.") According to Brand Eating, part of the "Monster" tie-in is that diners can stack up to three meat patties onto their DIY burgers (either chicken or beef), but the tortilla chip topping, just underneath the top bun, is a constant.

Also on the Godzilla menu: a Raksasa wrap filled with chicken and tortilla chips, plus a Koko Krunch chocolate drink topped with chocolate cereal. (If there's a Godzilla/bone-crunching/crunchy food reference to be made here, it's MIA.)

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