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Florida Woman Hospitalized After Drinking Cocktail Containing Liquid Nitrogen

A Florida woman says she spent five days in a hospital's intensive care unit after unknowingly drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen as an ingredient. Barbara Kaufman told news station Local 10 that she was attending a fundraiser at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens when a bartender handed her a drink "without any instructions" or indication she should wait to consume it; after one sip, "smoke was coming out of my nose and my mouth." According to doctors, Kaufman suffered internal burning and tears to her abdomen.

Back in 2012, the United Kingdom announced a "crackdown" in liquid nitrogen use after a teenager nearly died after ingesting it. That victim had to have her stomach surgically removed; according to Kaufman in Miami, doctors are still uncertain as to what kind of long-term effects her incident may have.

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