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Watch a New Trailer for Foodies, the Documentary

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Here is a new trailer for Foodies: The Culinary Jetset, the upcoming documentary from B-Reel and Fortissimo Films. As previously noted, the film focuses "on the fine dining subculture of foodies" and follows a group of "slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs" as they travel to renowned restaurants across the globe like Fäviken (Sweden) and Eleven Madison Park (NYC).

The group includes food bloggers Andy Hayler (Andy Hayler's Restaurant Guide), Katie Keiko Tam (K's Luxe Dining Table), Steve Plotnicki (Opinionated About Dining), Perm Paitayawat (The Skinny Bib), and Aiste Miseviciute (Luxeat) who ponders, "People are flying to another part of the world for a football match, why not for a good restaurant?" There are also plenty of food porn shots including one of a dish that a chef explains as "sweet plum, cookie crumbs, edible condom … I call it Sex on the Beach." The film hits theaters in Sweden on May 23 and a rep from B-Reel tells Eater they are shooting for a Fall US release. Go, watch:

Video: Foodies - The Culinary Jetset

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