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Behold the Nutella Bar Inside NYC's Eataly

Photo: Bess Adler

Italian grocery store/funplex Eataly in New York City is getting its very own Nutella Bar, which is dedicated to all things chocolate hazelnut spread, and it opens tonight (the one in Chicago opened back in November). Eater NY has a look inside the space which features shelves lined with various-sized jars of Nutella. There's a few tables for seating, "plenty of (clearly marked) space to form a line," and it will serve a menu of items like crepes, muffins, and brioche topped with the spread. The bar is filling the space left empty by Eataly's wine shop which was recently forced to temporarily close. Eataly reps previously told Eater that the Nutella Bar is "not a pop-up store."

Head over to Eater NY for a look inside. >>>


200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010