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Watch How Destroying This Book Leads to the Perfect Barbecue Experience

Here's a cookbook that takes the word "cookbook" extremely literally: The special-edition The Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco (which translates to The Bible of Barbecue) is a "book" that encourages its users to literally tear it apart, as pages reveal themselves to be the tools needed to create the "perfect barbecue." Readers can shatter the opening page, made of coal, and throw it into the barbecue pit; other pages unfold into aluminum foil (for wrapping potatoes), a sharpening stone for knives, or into a salted page that can be ripped out and crumpled over meat.

According to Adweek, the ambitious object was conceived as a collaboration between Brazilian cookware company Tramontina and the ad agency JWT Brazil, and was sent as a gift to "master barbecue chefs." The promotional video promises a "simplified version" will be available for purchase at select stores (alas, only in Brazil). But go, watch the book in action:

Video: The Bible of Barbecue — Tramontina

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