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Watch Daniel Boulud's Talk on the Evolution of Cooking

The legendary Daniel Boulud recently stopped into Google headquarters to promote his latest book about the evolution of his New York City flagship restaurant Daniel. But he also delves into the evolution of cooking in general. The classical French chef says he's cool with your tasting menus, musing that maybe — but maybe not — he'll open his own 20-seat tasting-menu-only restaurant someday: "That's the dream for a chef because you can really focus on a few dishes only. But, for me, I think it takes the soul of being in a restaurant."

Boulud also states his admiration for Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine and the evolution of that type of cooking, but argues that cooks of the future will need to keep with them the traditions of the past.

Also of note, Boulud discusses managing an international restaurant group of some 1,400 employees, which involves Google Hangouts and a database with all the menus and recipes from all of his restaurants so that his chefs can seek inspiration from one another, all "within the DNA of Daniel."

Video: Daniel Boulud, "Daniel: My French Cuisine"

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