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Masa Is Still America's Most Expensive Sushi Restaurant

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Hiro Urasawa.
Hiro Urasawa.
Photo: Bill Addison/Eater

Urasawa is "one of the country's most expensive restaurants," Eater critic Bill Addison wrote in his review of the spendy Beverly Hills sushi bar. He is correct — dinner is currently $395. But Urasawa still falls behind Masa in New York City as America's most expensive raw fish joint.

As this nifty graph shows, Masa, where dinner runs $450, is at least $55 more than Urasawa. Add on Kobe beef at Masa and your meal will be $150 pricier. Buy another another Kobe supplement for your date (really, if you can afford one, you can afford another), and you're at $1,547 after tax and tip. Yowzers! Wine, of course, is extra. By contrast, there are currently no supplements on the menu at Urasawa, where dinner for two will end up costing $1,019 before wine.

Play around with the interactive chart and see how much you'll spend.

Kurumazushi is America's third spendiest sushi spot, with omakase service starting at $300 — and it's possible to spend much more than that depending on how hungry you are. Boston's O Ya comes in fourth, charging $285 for a long sushi omakase — the same price as its tasting menu, which mixes sushi with composed dishes. Nakazawa, which Pete Wells awarded four stars late last year, comes in at a somewhat affordable $150.

The above chart isn't comprehensive, noted in case there's an Eyes Wide Shut sushi club on Central Park South where Russian oligarchs pay $10,000 per service. These venues were selected on the basis of the starting price for the omakase service. So while one can easily spend $200 or more at, say, 15 East, diners can also spend much less. It's impossible to spend less than $150 at Nakazawa's sushi bar; those at the tables, of course, will pay $120. Mobile users, click here to access the interactive graph.

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