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The Daily Show's GlutenFellas, a Health Cafe Mob Movie

Last night on the Daily Show host John Stewart acted out a scene from GlutenFellas, the show's parody of a mob movie set in a health cafe. The parody was inspired by the actions of Michael Grimm, a New York congressman who has been charged with fraud and filing false tax returns (amongst other things) and using his New York City restaurant to commit the crimes. Stewart imagines this "classic case" of "Northeastern corruption" took place in a "classy Italian joint."

Turns out, Grimm's restaurant is actually a place called Healthalicious much to Stewart's surprise ("Is this what northeastern corruption has come to? … skimming a little off the top of a broccoli and lentil joint?) Then using finger puppets he acts out what a mob movie might be like if set in a health cafe.

Two finger puppet mobsters gather at a table swapping classic "shady back room dealings" in the back of an Italian restaurant for a salad and a conversation about how they "don't eat gluten no more" and look out for their health ("Yeah you gotta take care of yourself and take your omegas") before they start to fight. Go, watch:

Video: GlutenFellas

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