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Is California's Sriracha Factory Considering a Texas Move?

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Photo: ilovememphis / Flickr

The embattled Huy Fong Foods Sriracha factory might be considering moving to Denton, Texas. According to Eater Dallas, after the hot sauce manufacturer was first hit with a lawsuit, Kevin Roden, a Denton city councilman posted an open letter calling for Huy Fong to relocate to his city. As per Roden's website, yesterday, seven months since his letter, Roden and "a few other government representatives" were invited to the factory to "discuss possible relocation or expansion opportunities in Denton."

As previously noted, if the factory were to move from its current location in California, Huy Fong Foods would have to relocate or replace up to 200 employees. The company would also have to find a different pepper grower, which could potentially affect the taste of the product. While Huy Fong Foods appears to be exploring possible moves, owner David Tran has previously stated that he would like to stay put.

The factory has faced many legal woes with the city of Irwindale, following complaints by residents of "unpleasant odors and burning eyes." The city deemed the factory a public nuisance but city council members pushed the vote to ratify the decision back to May 14. The mayor of Irwindale has been quoted as saying: "It's never been this council's goal to shut this place down... I'm positive we can resolve the issue."

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