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Watch a Dramatic Day-in-the-Life Look at Oslo's Maaemo

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Here's a dark and vivid video from Maaemo, a two Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo, Norway, that sort of serves as a mini day-in-the-life of the restaurant, revealing everything from the intense pre-service prep, to the large pre-service meeting, to the rigorous service itself. Directed by Finnish filmmaker Tuukka Koski, the short film features cinematic shots set to an original score from Norwegian black metal rocker Sigurd Wongraven (Satyricon).

There are many shots of Oslo, cooks plating meticulously with tweezers, and food porn close-ups of the dishes themselves. There's even a shot of diners eating at Maaemo's recently launched "Test Kitchen Table" where the restaurant serves "new dishes still in development." A rep for the restaurant tells Eater in an email: "We wanted to capture a dark, slightly mysterious old Nordic vibe; something a little different that reflects our restaurant's new take on Norwegian cuisine." Go, watch:

Video: Maaemo - Chapter 1.

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Schweigaards gate 15, 0191 Oslo, Norway