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Seattle Critic Reviews Sandwich Named After Her

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Seattle Times critic Providence Cicero filed a positive review yesterday of her namesake sandwich on chef Jason Wilson's menu at Miller's Guild, noting that she liked the dish and that the "fries were killer." The sandwich, a riff on a Sloppy Joe dubbed the Sloppy Cicero, was created in response to the ending observation in Cicero's 2.5 star review of the restaurant in which a fellow guest suggested ordering appetizers and heading across the street for a Sloppy Joe.

Miller's Guild general manager and partner Jake Kosseff recently told Eater that "Providence's was our first review, and in honor of that we wanted to do something" and that the dish was "absolutely" about being playful, not angry." Cicero revealed in her review, "I've never had the honor (playful or otherwise) of having a dish named after me."

While the appealing Sloppy Cicero was "bulging with rich, chopped meat" and featured a "full-bodied tomato sauce" with oozing white cheddar, she wished the restaurant had named "an elegant cocktail" after her instead: "It's so much more my style."

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