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Airlines Forgo Limes as Shortage Continues


This year's lime shortage has found its way into airplane cabins: The Associated Press reports that some airlines have had to cut limes from their beverage service as a workaround for high prices and reduced inventory. A spokeswoman for Alaska Airlines says the company pulled limes about two weeks ago; they normally go through roughly 900 limes a day. United Airlines has also scaled back its lime usage, substituting lemon whenever possible because their catering company is down to "15 to 20 percent of the typical lime inventory."

Some airlines have decided to simply eat the cost and wait out the shortage, which is expected to last until late May. Delta and American Airlines both have not made any changes, while JetBlue apparently never served fresh fruit with drinks to begin with. The lime shortage was largely caused by bad weather and a bad harvest coupled with "unrest caused by drug cartels" in Mexico (where most of the limes consumed in the USA come from) has nearly doubled the price from this time last year.

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