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Giada's Vegas Restaurant Will Serve an 'Italian Dim Sum Brunch' on Carts

Giada, Las Vegas.
Giada, Las Vegas.
Photo: Bradley Martin/Eater Vegas
Hillary Dixler Canavan is Eater's restaurant editor and the author of the publication's debut book, Eater: 100 Essential Restaurant Recipes From the Authority on Where to Eat and Why It Matters (Abrams, September 2023). Her work focuses on dining trends and the people changing the industry — and scouting the next hot restaurant you need to try on Eater's annual Best New Restaurant list.

With construction chugging along, Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis reveals some vital menu details for her debut restaurant in Las Vegas: Giada will be serving an "Italian dim sum brunch" on carts. De Laurentiis tells Food & Wine's Kate Krader that for brunch "servers roll custom-made carts around the dining room" and that brunch is inspired by her grandfather's love of dim sum. Brunch dishes will include silver dollar lemon ricotta pancakes, panettone cinnamon rolls, and small pizzas topped with eggs.

Apparently carts will play another role at the restaurant. Back in February De Laurentiis told People that she was building "beautiful pink-and-gold carts to stroll through the restaurant" during dessert. "We can do all sorts of flambés and fun stuff that people can see," she said of the dessert carts, "and then it becomes a show and people want it to come to their table." The restaurant is expected to open on May 21.

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3595 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV