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A Kickstarter for a Book on Cooking Through Alinea

Photo: Allen Hemberger/Kickstarter

Visual effects artist and blogger Allen Hemberger has launched a Kickstarter to raise $28,500 to help him produce a book, called The Alinea Project, about his long running blog which documents his five-year adventure cooking through the entirety of the Alinea cookbook. The cookbook features the intricate recipes used in the famed Chicago restaurant and requires uncommon ingredients and complex equipment. On his Kickstarter page Hemberger writes that "over the course of the project" he has done everything from build "precisely-controllable heating chambers for warming chocolate" to learning "how to import super-fresh fish from the Tsukiji fish market in Japan." He even details in his video that he took up machinery classes to build some of the dishware. Hemberger's book also showcases his original photography of the dishes. So far, he's managed to raise just under $13,000. Here's the Kickstarter video:

Video: The Alinea Project

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