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Watch Stephen Colbert Rant About the Lime Shortage

Last night on the Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert weighed in on the lime crisis. While the shortage might mean no more margaritas and mojitos he quipped, "Thankfully our Bud Light Lime is safe because it is flavored with Glade PlugIns."

Colbert also addressed the fact that Mexican cartels are suddenly dealing in limes thanks to the shortage: "What is this world coming to when murderous Mexican drug cartels are peddling limes? That's like Walter White stopping cooking meth and starting cooking gluten-free banana bread." Lime prices have shot up up drastically in recent weeks — "$.53 for a lime? Now you're talking tangelo money!" — which has forced many restaurants to start using lemons in their guacamole. Colbert shook his head in disbelief and said, "I'm sorry I would rather have my head chopped off and stuffed in a duffel bag." Go, watch:

Video: America's Lime Crisis

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