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Watch Bourdain Visit Boulud in Lyon on Parts Unknown

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Here's a brief preview clip from this week's episode of Anthony Bourdain's CNN travelogue Parts Unknown, which sees Bourdain visiting Lyon, France. In the episode, Bourdain tags along with chef Daniel Boulud as visits his hometown and his family's farm and cafe. (Back in January, Bourdain told Eater that the Lyon episode represents the "greatest food centric show I've ever done... It's where Daniel came from. The environment that he came from, starting with the farm and the food that his family would make at the farm, it's very rustic stuff. It's tracking the history of Lyonnaise cuisine back to a very interesting place.")

In the following clip, Bourdain watches on his Boulud and his parents recreate a classic country dish: a pumpkin stuffed with day-old bread (baked by Boulud's father), cream, mushrooms, cheese, and bacon. Go, watch:

Video: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: The winter Boulud's

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