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Here's a Brilliant April Fools' Cocktail Menu from The Dorrance in Providence, RI

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Photos: Facebook / The Dorrance
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Restaurants across the country got in on the April Fools' Day action yesterday and here now is an amazing prank menu from The Dorrance in Providence, RI. Created by bartender Vito Lantz the stunt menu includes inspired drinks like the "Sex in the Dumpster" with warm Jagermeister in a hollowed cabbage, the "I 'Read' Maxim" which is shaken by an Ed Hardy shirt, and the "I Can't Taste the Vodka In This" which is actually just cranberry juice. Co-owner Michael Lester previously described his bar staff to Eater as "the Mount Rushmore of Providence bartenders."

Eater spoke with Lantz who explains that April Fools cocktail menus have become something of a tradition at the restaurant since they first pulled a similar prank last year. Guests arriving at the bar were offered the fake menu first, the only "real" drink on which was the "MoVito" Jameson shot, which has been a nickname for Jameson shots at the restaurant "for a while." Lantz explains that the cocktail stunt also plays off the restaurant's upscale menu and space: "We work really hard to keep the bar loose and fun ... Our space is pretty grand — a bank from 1901 — and can be intimidating the first time you walk in, so we don't want to add to that by wearing tuxedos and being stuffy." Lantz says it went over well. Check out the menu below:

April Fools Cocktails from the Dorrance

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The Dorrance

60 Dorrance Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02903