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Ikea Plans to Introduce Vegetarian Meatballs

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Photo: Ikea/Facebook

Flat-pack furniture giant Ikea is developing a vegetarian version of their famous Swedish meatballs in an effort to be more eco-friendly. Green Business reports that Joanna Yarrow, the head of sustainability for Ikea, said this week at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change event that the regular meat meatballs are the "most carbon intensive" dish on their menu. The Telegraph notes that this is because of the "high carbon dioxide emissions involved in the farming process" of cattle and pork and the high volume, around 150 million meatballs, that Ikea sells each year. A less carbon intensive chicken meatball is also currently in development.

Green Business reveals that Ikea is also "seeking to adjust the traditional recipe to potentially reduce its carbon footprint." Ikea has been working with the the WWF to look "at meatballs and various other food items" that it sells to see how it can adjust its recipes to "give great taste but also perhaps less of an environmental impact."

Changing the recipe of the meatballs could be risky, but Yarrow "was confident that sales would not suffer with a low carbon alternative." Even after the scandal last year where it was found that some meatballs contained horse meat, Yarrow said "we had people begging us to put them back on the menu whatever was in them." There is no word yet on when Ikea plans to introduce the new meatballs. Tweeted Yarrow: "Last night I spoke abt lots of #Ikea's work to help tackle #climatechange but #green meatballs got the headlines!"

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