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Seattle Restaurant Ad Shows Jesus Smoking a Joint

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Seattle restaurant Lunchbox Laboratory, which is best known for their burgers, has gotten into a bit of hot water due to their recent marketing gimmick. The restaurant sent out an email advertising their Easter Sunday special with an image of Jesus smoking pot saying "When I get back all I want is the Burger of the Gods."

Easter this year happens to fall on the stoner holiday of 4/20 and My Northwest reports that Lunchbox Laboratory's owner John Schmidt admits that "they often push the envelope with their advertising."

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson show told Schmidt on his radio show that while he defends his "right to send out this ad" that "as a customer, my free speech exercise is I would choose to not go and patronize your place anymore because of that."

The Jesus smoking a joint ad isn't the only weed reference Lunchbox Laboratory has made. Their website is currently advertising a special dubbed the "Legalized THC Patty" which is "rubbed with Herb Love" and made with turkey, ham, and a chicken and turkey combination known as "churken." Marketing tactics aside, Lunchbox Laboratory is well known for its burgers and has appeared on many best of lists.

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[Photo: themodifiedmom/Tumblr]

Lunchbox Laboratory

1253 Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98109

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