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Michael Symon Is Opening a New Restaurant in Cleveland

Photo: Cleveland/FB, Michael Symon

Chef and The Chew host Michael Symon is opening another restaurant in his hometown of Cleveland. Through a series of Facebook statuses, Symon reveals that the restaurant will be "in Cleveland proper," small in size, and will feature a dining counter serving "insane" chicken, sticky buns, house fermented pickles, and to-go growlers. He also hints that there may even be "a little moonshine."

The space itself, Symon writes, will only be around 700 square feet. When asked by a commenter why the space would be so small, he replied, "better to be small & great…than big and lousy." Symon writes that there is still no name or opening date and does not reveal its location.

Symon's rapidly expanding restaurant roster includes multiple establishments in the greater Cleveland area. His Cleveland restaurants include four locations of his burger chainlet B Spot, Lola, and Lolita. Symon, who also owns Roast in Detroit, will soon open a Michigan outlet of B Spot and has plans for more locations.

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