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Wahlburgers Expanding to Boston, Philly, and Toronto

Photo: Wahlbugers/Facebook

Wahlburgers, a burger restaurant owned by the Wahlberg family (which include actors Mark and Donnie) is in the midst of rapid expansion plans: they're opening locations in Boston, Philadelphia, and Toronto. This includes five franchises for the Philadelphia metro area (including one in Atlantic City). A 4,200 square foot Boston location is slated to open at the end of the year, and a Lynnfield, Massachusetts location expected to open in the Summer of 2015.

The Wahlberg clan also has plans for a Toronto location already underway. Wahlburgers, which is also the subject of a reality show, is originally based in Hingham, a suburb of Boston. While his famous brothers Mark and Donnie are partners in the venture, chef Paul Wahlberg runs the original location.

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