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Watch Amy Schumer's Fast Food Parody of Aaron Sorkin

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Here's a hilarious fast food parody of Aaron Sorkin's show The Newsroom called "The Food Room." The clip, from tonight's episode of Inside Amy Schumer, features Schumer working in a fast food restaurant named "McDalmonds" alongside Sorkin regular Josh Charles as a conscientious manager.

In typical Sorkin fashion, there's sped-up dialogue, made up crises ("you tell corporate I'm not putting apple slices on my menu"), and plenty of sexual tension. The parody also manages to shine a humorous light on Sorkin's approach to gender ("Then one day I'm stuffing couscous into a calzone, and I realized a woman's life is worth nothing unless she's making a great man greater"). The video ends with a patriotic monologue: "Today I'm going to give you 3,800 calories of the greatest goddamn country in the world." Go, watch:

Video: The Foodroom

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